Disposal Resource Guide

Have you caught the decluttering bug? It seems to be everywhere thanks to the growing popularity of the organizing industry – and I’m all for it! Clutter is a known stress trigger, so emptying our homes of the things we neither want nor need not only frees up space but also our minds.

If all of this decluttering has you looking for a different or more environmentally friendly way to get rid of it all then I’ve got you covered. (This list is targeted to Kansas City residents but there are several national resources as well!)

Disposal & Resource Guide 1

Goodwill is usually a convenient place to donate unwanted clothing and household items, BUT, if you are left wanting something more there are plenty of resources around town to support different causes. If you have an abundance of travel-sized hygiene items consider giving to a shelter instead of tossing them in the trash!

Still have stuff lurking that’s not accepted by or not suitable for a thrift store? Here are some resources for donating or recycling items that can be trickier to get rid of.

Disposal & Resource Guide 2

I hope this list helps you dispose of your unwanted items in a thoughtful way. Download a full copy of the guide here. Happy decluttering!

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