Month in Review – October 2018

Welcome to my first month in review! I’m starting this new monthly blog post to share what I’m up to – projects, products, noteworthy happenings, and a tip of the month. October is always a busy month for me and this year was no exception, so let’s dive right in.


On my to-do list for the year was to replace the flooring in my kids bathroom {it’s part of a bigger plan to update the floors in the rest of the house next year}. But in true Laura fashion, I couldn’t just do the floors and decided to do the whole bathroom….because it just made sense. After a bid on new vanities that was considerably higher than I was expecting or willing to pay, I landed on the idea of using IKEA kitchen cabinets to make custom vanities for a fraction of the price and spent this month installing them.


In the midst of the bathroom project our basement took on water during a weeklong midwest monsoon and sump pump failure so I had some repair work to do there as well – when it rains it literally pours.

The bathroom will hopefully be completed in November. Can’t wait to share the finished project with you all!


The I Heart Bins Etsy shop continues to grow. Besides vinyl and standard sticker paper, I can now make labels on weatherproof sticker paper and brown craft sticker paper. Check in often and as always, custom orders are welcome! If you dream it up I would be happy to bring it to life.

Custom Home Product Labels

I was excited when another Etsy order came in, which was followed immediately by panic when I realized it was an order from Europe and I didn’t know my shop was set up to receive orders outside of the US.  Luckily the shipping didn’t kill me and I quickly made some changes to my shop to handle international orders. Lesson learned.

In other big news, I’ve teamed up with storage & organization company iDesign to show off their products. I already have and use a ton of their products so it was a no brainer when they contacted me to be a brand ambassador. Keep an eye out for sponsored posts on social media and a giveaway!

iDesign Kitchen Bin & Medicine Box (+I Heart Bins label)


Halloween – my least favorite holiday (I know, I’m a bummer) once again rolled around and this year I had to outfit 3 kids instead of 2. Luckily 2 out of the 3 wanted to be witches and my kids love of all things black leggings made that costume pretty easy. The third decided to be a fish and no pre-made costumes fit the bill. I ended up getting a onesie from Amazon and added fish detail – I think it turned out pretty good!


I saw a picture with a Christmas tree decorated for Halloween and thought whoever it was may be on to something. I could leave it up year round and decorate it for all the holidays and seasons. Brilliant! I might try to implement this when i redo our family room next year and my friends who made fun of my once unintentional patriotic tree (a failed attempt at blending holidays) will now appreciate our new 4th of July tree – ha!

Tip of the Month

Blog (3)Speaking of Christmas, now is the perfect time to start making gift lists for the upcoming holidays while the pressure is still off. If an idea pops into your head, you spot something great at the store, see an awesome add (or your kid has a list a mile long from the book fair), take note now so when it comes time to do your shopping you’ll have an intentional, well thought out list. {If you need help with holiday planning check out a blog post I did a while back including printables}


Hope your October was a good one! I’ve got a big project brewing and the completion of our bathroom remodel, so stay tuned for the November month in review.

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