An Open Letter to My Unorganized Friends

Dear Friend,

I see your hesitation when I come to the door – the way you’re always quick to apologize and explain any mess situation currently going on.  I get it. Life is busy and your day is filled up with more important tasks than clearing off the counters (sorry Johnny, mommy can’t make lunch today, I’m learning how to fold underwear to maximize drawer space). When you do have a free moment, spending that time organizing doesn’t sound so appealing. I mean, it does to me, but different strokes for different folks.

I really wish you would get your ish together, though, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. I love me a trip to The Container Store (or any store that doesn’t involve bringing my children along). Let’s go hang out and talk bins, and if that doesn’t appeal to you then send me out to talk bins by myself and I’ll report back on what I find.

2. Relax, I hate seeing you so stressed out! End the cycle of marathon tidying sessions before guests arrive. An organized home is not neat and tidy 24×7. Newsflash: my couch has been set up as a fort for the past 3 days and there is currently a pile of who-knows-what on my fireplace mantle.  By having organizing systems in place it takes a fraction of the time to tidy up on demand.  Actual cleaning is made easier too. Organization means no more moving piles from here to there to get to the surface you need to clean and there are fewer places for the grime to hide.

3. I have a strong desire to destroy and rebuild things and it would help my marriage if I could do this at someone else’s house once in awhile. No really, I actually LIKE manual labor.  So don’t be shy, ask for my help creating more storage space in your bathroom. I will probably try to up-sell you on an entire remodel (because I saw this awesome tile that I am dying to use), but don’t worry, I take no for an answer.

4. I miss your face. There I said it.  Did you know the average American spends 55 minutes a day (nearly 12 days a year) looking for things they know they own but can’t find? We could solve world peace in that amount of time – or at least down a few margaritas on a beach somewhere. Just sayin’.

5. I like puzzles. Believe it or not, your pantry looks like real life Tetris to me and I played the sh*t out of that game back in the day. I’m not standing in the doorway judging your cereal collection and Costco-sized container of cheese balls, I’m really moving things around in my mind to eliminate blank holes and make those cheese balls more accessible (because dang, those look good).

Maybe you don’t want to start a club to share your latest Pinterest finds about creating the ultimate laundry room folding station {note to self: search Pinterest for laundry room folding station ideas}, but if organizing isn’t your “thing” why not ask for help from someone who actually LOVES it? I can’t bake pies and the only plant I can keep alive is a cactus.  That doesn’t mean I go without baked goods and landscaping, though.  I find experts to do it for me. There’s no shame in that game!

I truly do not care about how you choose to keep your house. I love you for you, not your love of all things bins – that’s my gig. What I really want is to create, organize, strategize, modernize, and have fun. When I look around your house, I don’t see clutter, I see fun possibilities. So if you want to talk organization give me a holler, I’ve got lots of ideas. Otherwise, we can sit down with a lemonade and those cheese balls and complain about how much time our husbands spend in the bathroom playing Clash Royale while the sound of my children chewing makes me want to stick my head in the oven.


Your Bin Loving Friend – Laura


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cara says:

    ❤ ok, I believe you. But I’ll still be apologizing for the messes.
    On another note: Who has cheeseballs? I’ll come watch you organize for cheeseballs!


    1. iheartbins says:

      That was a subtle hint that you should buy some cheeseballs 🙂


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