In With the New Year, Out With The Clutter

It’s a new year so who’s pumped to get organized?? I’ve watched enough episodes of Hoarder’s to know that not everyone shares my zeal for organization, but let’s take a ride on the motivation train that leaves the station each January and clear some clutter.

Everyone has things that need to be tossed – even me! They might be hiding in the back of a closet or out in the open sitting right next to you (not you, dear husband). So to get you going on purging the clutter, here is a list of 31 things you should get rid of today. Or if that’s too overwhelming, tackle one item each day and end January with a clean slate!

31 Things to Toss Today

  1. Broken/Unused Holiday Decor
  2. Worn Out/Mateless Socks
  3. Outdated, Outgrown or Unworn Apparel
  4. Ditto for Shoes
  5. Expired Meds
  6. Old Hair Products
  7. Old Cosmetics
  8. Expired Coupons
  9. Unused Picture Frames
  10. Unused Home Decor
  11. Frayed Towels
  12. Old Home Paint
  13. Leftover Building Materials
  14. Outdated/Unused Tech Devices
  15. VHS Tapes
  16. Floppy Disks
  17. Unused/Scratched DVD’s
  18. Appliance/Device Boxes
  19. Old Manuals
  20. Textbooks
  21. Unused Recipes/Books (Pro Tip: take out the recipes you like and recycle the rest of the book)
  22. Magazines
  23. Unused Keys
  24. Outgrown Toys
  25. Games with Missing Pieces
  26. Random/Cheap Toys (i.e. kids meal toys)
  27. Dried up Markers/Paint/Play-doh
  28. Old Pet Toys
  29. Expired Food
  30. Tupperware Pieces w/o a Mate
  31. Papers for Shredding

If purging old and unused stuff is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Clearing out the junk is the first step in any organization project. With this list completed you will be well on your way to an organized home.  Happy New Year!

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