The Ultimate Holiday Planner

As soon as November hits I start feeling the ho ho holiday creep… that unending list of things to do, make and buy. This year I decided to manage the mania by putting together a holiday planner. If you’re getting those holiday jitters too, grab some supplies, print out these pages and get organized with me!

Hosting Thanksgiving? I got you – Thanksgiving Planner. Christmas? Tis the season for giving – Christmas Planner. And for those who celebrate eight crazy nights of fun – Hanukkah Planner.

Now that you have your planning pages, here’s what else you’ll need:

  • 3-ring binder {the more festive the better}
  • Dividers with pockets
  • Calendar pages for November and December

Here’s how to set up your holy grail for holiday success:


Start with the calendar to keep track of important events, special shopping days, and festive tasks. If you have invitations or fliers, put them in one of the divider pockets so you have all of the details in one spot.


Next are your guest lists for events you are hosting ~ be sure to record who and how many are attending. Follow up your guest lists with menus and grocery lists. When jotting down the food you want to make, be sure to record where the recipe comes from or who is bringing the dish. Tuck any coupons or grocery adds into the divider pocket.


Everything gifts is next. Start with gift lists for your immediate family followed by extended family and friends. Write down the name of the gift, where you will be getting it from and how much you spent. Track that $$$ to keep from overspending. I also find that designating gift categories keeps my buying in check. For example, each of my kids gets something to wear, something educational, something creative and something fun. That’s it. Ok maybe they get a Christmas Eve gift and their stockings are full too, but then that’s really it.

That pocket divider will come in handy once again when you organize your bargain shopping with the Sale Alerts page. Record what you WANT to get, from WHERE, and WHEN the sale is happening. You can use the pocket divider to store sale adds and coupons.


You’ll need one more pocket divider if you send holiday cards. Pre-print your address labels and buy all the stamps you need. You’ll be all set when the cards are ready to be sent out. I also have a bunch of coupons from card printing sites that I added to mine, so when I get that okay-ish family picture I can send it off to the printing presses at a discount. {Fact: it’s actually impossible for 5 people to look their best at the exact same time}


I’ve also provided a to do list, because there are always a million odds and ends that need attention. A prep schedule, to manage your time wisely before the family starts rolling in. And a playlist for those that want something specific instead of iTunes on shuffle.

This is truly my favorite time of year, and with this planner the season just got a little bit brighter. Happy Holidays!

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