I Love You to the Fridge and Back


Tired of hunting in your fridge or freezer for ingredients? Hate wasting food because you didn’t know it was there? By organizing your refrigerator you can solve these problems and make it look pretty too.

I took a little shopping trip to The Container Store for my birthday and came home with three bags of fridge heaven.   Before you look at the pictures and think my fridge would never be that clean, this is a fridge that feeds a family of FIVE and I had just come home from the grocery store with a weeks worth of food.  So it is definitely possible.  I was a little low on the leftovers since I hadn’t cooked in 4 days (whoops), but there is still TONS of room.

Fridge Supplies:

  • Fridge Binz Wine Holder
  • Fridge Binz Soda Can Organizer
  • Fridge Binz Egg Holder
  • 2 – Linus Deep Drawer Binz 4″
  • 2 – Linus Deep Drawer Binz 6″
  • Narrow Deep Fridge Binz Tray
  • 2 – Narrow Fridge Binz Tray
  • 2 – Wide Fridge Binz Tray



Put your drinks on top, just trust me! For a short gal this made a huge difference. I will no longer lose things on the top shelf. By moving the largest items up top, it brought the shelf height down to a more manageable height.

Freezer Supplies:

  • 2 – Linus Deep Drawer Binz 4″
  • 2 – Linus Deep Drawer Binz 6″
  • Linus Deep Drawer Binz 8″
  • 3 – Medium Multi-Purpose Bin


Freezer drawers are a cool concept, but a black hole for frozen goods in reality.  I always had to dig through piles of bagged goods to find what I was looking for.  By placing tall bins in the large bottom drawer I am able to sort vegetables, fruit and “other” bagged goods.  I will never end up with 5 bags of frozen peas again, because now I can see exactly what I have.


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